Properties and functions

Dream®Tape is made from a woven, non-stretch, white cotton fabric. The hypoallergenic latex-free adhesive layer ensures excellent adhesion to the skin or materials that are used to protect the skin. Dream®Tape possesses high adhesion and tensile properties.
The stiffness of the material has a stabilising effect both mechanically and at a proprioceptive level. Dream®Tape stays put even when subjected to high stresses. Dream®Tape features a serrated edge so that it can easily be torn to size by hand either across or along its length, avoiding the need to use a pair of tape scissors.
This easy-tear property in no way detracts from the tensile strength of the carrier material, allowing Dream®Tape to absorb high stresses. Advanced production methods have resulted in excellent adhesion between the layers of Dream®Tape when applied but almost no resistance when pulling the tape off the roll. Furthermore, Dream®Tape has a shelf life of no less than 3 years.